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  • Do I need to seal my wood product?
    If your moose is going to be left exposed to the outdoor elements, you can seal the wood with a spar urethane (Minwax Pro-Series SemiGloss) to help preserve it. For "on the bark" applications, we recommend gently using a thick, wire brush to remove loose bark and moss. Three coats minimum, brushed on, is recommended.
  • How long will my moose last?
    Being made from Eastern White Cedar, it is expected to withstand the outdoor elements for 10+ years for the most part. If it is under cover, it will last indefinitely.
  • Is the wooden moose treated?
    Our traditional cedar log moose are not treated with any added chemicals. They are chainsawed with a vegetable oil-based bar & chain oil for safer handling. The wood may still contain moisture and seasoning of the wood is to be expected.
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