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In the beginning...was white birch reindeer! Originally, this journey began by creating a few white birch reindeer in 2014. But when asked if he could make a moose, Nathan Nipula did just that.  In fact, the moose became so popular he had to stop making white birch reindeer line! In 2019, Maine Cedar Log Moose Company LLC. was founded.

These keepsakes have their humble beginnings when the trees are first chosen from the forest of Northern Maine.​ Selectively felled by hand harvesting, each tree turns to art as the strokes of a chainsaw and hand carving bring life to the log. A vegetable-based bar and chain oil is even used, which is safer for our customers and the environment!

When you decide to invest in a Maine Cedar Log Moose, you are setting the stage for a long line of family traditions and memories around not just the holidays, but every day of the year! And since these moose sculptures are copyrighted, they are only available from Maine Cedar Log Moose Company, or from our select retailers.

We have all learned that memories do last a lifetime.  Isn't it time to have a "Loggy" moose in yours?

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